Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rice && Razors

What is these? Why do you have rice in a ramekin, in a bathroom, with a cheap-o Bic razor shoved in there? Razors belong in the bathtub with all the moisture so they stay nice and sharp. WRONG! :)

I have been using the same cheap-o razor a week! ( Ewwwwww!) However, my frugal ways have paid off. (Remember the pooping buffalo!?) It is still has sharp as when I first used it. (Here is another freebie tip for you : MEN'S RAZORS WORK BETTER!) DON'T ASK I CAN'T TELL YOU. I also use men's shave gel. WHY?! I'm glad you asked :) THEY WORK BETTER! Women's shave gel is always this fruity tutty parfait crap. If I want a parfait I will layer yogurt, fruit, granola myself. My legs don't need to be sunflowers and rainbows. I want them to be SMOOTH.

A few things I have learned along that way that also help me to save money...Glean from this what you will or not. In the words of Mr. Baker, "....the choice is yours"

1). Try new things.This razor and rice thing is new to me. So I tried it. Does it look hillbilly?! Heck yes! Do I care if you come to my apartment and say "HILLJACK!" not at all doll face. So experiment with new ideas you hear or give something new whirl and let me know how it works. Sometimes this work and sometime's it's big ol' FAIL.

2). Check the comments on the websites by the pro's. Colin @ posts all of the deals and match-ups for the week on Saturday night. By match up's I mean CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aide , Staples, and a few more I believe. I normally only check CVS and Walgreens because that is what I have access to. Many times the comments have other ideas or ways to get better deals.It only takes a few minutes to scan them to see if anyone has any good ideas on what you need. Sometimes a coupon gets over looked making for an even better deal.

3). Learn when to say no.A few weeks ago there was a St. Ives Body scrub coupon that was a pretty good deal. However, I would have to drive to the Library (more on that on down the road) print it off and drive to Target. No freaking thanks! All to save .97 cents. So if it is a good deal and you will be said store that has a certain great deal then go for it. Other wise, make sure it is worth the hassle!

4). Get a dump account. I have one at Gmail. They have a huge storage limit. I use this when I sing up for free samples on or other places like it. So let's say I am going to Austin for my birthday. I can sign up for Austin's groupon and have it sent to my dump account, so it doesn't clog up my everyday email. Then when I need to look at Groupon deals for Austin. I just type "Groupon Austin" into my search inbox thingy and PRESTO!

5). Don't send everything to your dumb account! Hello, you just said get a dumb account. Make up your mind! I did..yes you can read. Congratulations! I use my CVS rewards and coupons weekly. So my CVS email is my normal email. It has saved me a lot and I mean a lot of money to have to have the CVS sent to my good email. (This year alone I have saved over $1600 ...out of pocket I have spent about $200 in cash there! )

6). Don't you ever apologize for using a coupon. Don't Ever. I will punch you in the throat! People need to learn to be patient.(Yes that includes me too)  A tip to make your purchases go smoother is have everything all ready to go at check out! Some people circle or star everything they want in the ad and check it off one by one. I write down the store name, the coupon I am using how many of the item I need. It seems like it would take forever...but it doesn't! Once you get a system that works for YOU things will go smoother. I will agree it is annoying to wait behind Frazzled Fran looking for a .10 cent coupon.

7). Buy the Sunday paper the first week of the month. So that means this Sunday by the paper. Ik it isn't the first of the month yet but will be in the coupon world. Why?! Government checks and all of that come out the first of the month. So...that Sunday paper has the best and most coupons!

8). Organize your coupons. I only cut what I need for that trip. So then I'm not carrying around a wad of coupons. I do save my inserts and stash them in a folder until I need them again. I also use a sticky note to write the date on the insert. So if I need an insert from 5/58/12 I can find it quickly. Things I am always on the lookout for are shampoo, body wash and such. So I always clip those coupons and keep them tucked away in my little pink caddy. Yes, many of you have seen it and tease me! HAHA!

9). Check out the stores coupon policy. It sounds dumb Ik like reading your can manual. Um...pass. I mean it! Check them out. THey change all the freaking time! has all of them listed for the drugstores  and walmart I believe. So WHEN you come across a problem you can say hello bubba! No, no, no. Don't call anyone Bubba...but you get my drift. Always smile and be polite.

10). DON'T WATCH EXTREME COUPONING WHATEVER YOU DO! Why? here is my list. (Soapbox!)
1). These people are freaks
2). Hoarders
4) Liars

Many of these people are frauds because the stores they go to bend the rules for the taping of this stupid show. So then when the average Jane goes in to do the same it doesn't work. Also many of these morons have been busted for stealing. STEALING! One lady was caught walking up and down her street in her bathrobe (Sexy let me tell ya! ;) HA. ) taking her neighbors Sunday papers. Umm....HELLO...that's my paper. Even if I let it hold down the grass for a week. I am going to harp on this because it makes me mad and ruins A TON of good deals for you and me. Another big issue is these stores not think every coupon that is printed is a fake. So many stores won't take them because this show has given all of us a bad name. Also , NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER EVER EVER LET ME CATCH YOU 'BUYING' COUPONS ON THE INTERNET. EVER FOREVER AND EVER AMEN. A few weeks ago there was a big coupon ring (like the ones that sell Oxy or Methadone) but they sell coupons.The first time I read the story I laughed out loud. A coupon ring being busted and sent to prison?! HAHAHAHHAHA. However, to the fools that got it busted it was not laughing matter The website  can tell you all about coupon fraud. People do go to prison for theft and cheating the system. A lot of these coupons they sell are FAKE. So if you buy a fake coupon use it and get busted it is your FAULT. These coupons state they can't be sold. SO DON'T! Buy more than one Sunday paper or ask friends for theirs, or sign up for free samples on Facebook to get free products and coupons. 

How do they ruin it for you and me?! I'm glad you asked. Now the coupon company's are saying by 2 and save $2 instead of just $2 off. So the more these freaks abuse the system the more in comes down to people like us who buy the limit. NOT 80 BODY WASHES THEY ARE ALLERGIC TO! If under you kids bed there isn't Candyland and a missing sock, but 1000 rolls of Angel Soft, step away from the coupons...put the scissors down..freak face! 

There are many other ways to save money and ideas. Many more to come! But these have helped me on my  Buffalo pooping walk. 

P.S. I apologize for the wonky colors. Idk what the deal is. 

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