Friday, July 13, 2012


I am the youngest of four children. I am forever the baby. Sometimes I like that title.Sometimes it drives me up a tall wall. However, something I have learned these past few years is that I have another brother. I already had two, now I have three. (Someone check my math ;) If you said you have two coupons and I give you another coupon, how many coupons do you have?! *Counts on fingers and sticks out tongue*. Answer : 3 coupons! I will also give you a hug for giving me a coupon! Hint Hint Birthday present! HAHA
Brandon is blonde hair, blue eyed, and German.So pretty much the total opposite of anyone in this house. HAHAHA. Laugh it's funny! Cuz it's true! :) He doesn't look like family but I consider him another brother.(If he was family though ewww! Addison would have 11 toes. The seven-four combo)  When  he  first walked into this family I wasn't too sure about him because I wanted my sister treated right. Don't get me wrong there are days we can't agree on the color of grass but no one picks on my sister but me! Right!? However, there was something different about Brandon. Over time I would come to learn how much he loved my sister and she loved him. You know first comes love them comes marriage then .... little Ashley and baby blues eyes to boot!
Brandon has personally bailed me out on more than 6 occaisons. Yes more than that but remember I was tutored in high school and college in math so don't judge! Mama said if everyone swept in front of their own porches this world would be clean. Well not my mom but Queen Latifa. Anyways.....
Brandon not only laughed til he couldn't see straight when I got my finger caught in the blender at 2 am, but he still reminds me of "mixer finger" every chance he gets. Fair is fair :)
I could tell you story after story about how Brandon has done soooooooooooo much for this family. However, I won't. That's not what makes him such a good brother in law. What does make him the wonderful bro-in-law is that he does all of this out of love for my family. Truth be told we be crazy! *Sometimes* Cough Cough* He never asks for anything for himself or says I did x,y,and z and now you do for me. Never. Means more than I can say. I might not always want to hear the words of wisdom I get for free, but I know he is right. Kind of annoying ;) Here is for all the times I never said thank you. Also, here is for a time or two down the road I might forget to say it as well. It has truely been a blessing to have you in the family. Thank you for taking excellent care of my sister and my family. It doens't get said as often as it should but I'm saying it now. So remember this when I have done something stupid. You will lecture I might roll my eyes ( I know I can hear the shock in your voices) but deep down I am happy to know I have another brother. I know it's Brandon's birthday tomorrow so HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER.

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