Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Who Done It?

I named this blog "Bodies In The Yard" because I have always said one one day, there will be Bodies In The Yard. :) Well the time has come. I done it! Many of you know I have always said I want to write a book about my many adventures && it will have to be in the fiction section!!!! So here is a blog. Baby steps. I am doing this for many reasons. One of the biggest right now is I am 24, no babies, no husband. So where in the world do I fit in?! I feel like it is very easy to get lost in the shuffle because I don't have these blessings in my life yet.Someday though! I'm praying for it. More on that later! Back to the task at hand (apologies now, we all know I have the attention span of a goldfish) Any who, I made the comment one day about being tired. Some woman said ,"You don't understand tired, you aren't a mother." It took everything in my power to not mouth off.  Truth be told it hurt my feelings as well. Well Duh. I am 24 && not married. IF I was an unwed mama you would whine, and say you had pay for the Pampers on my babies rump. So shut it! :) I kept it all to myself though. (see Mom && Dad you raised me right!) I really wanted to say if having kids brings you so much joy and happiness you ain't got none, mama! (Again, to I kept my trap shut!) However, it really got me thinking. It's not so much that I don't have my own mini me,  it just feels like my life isn't worth as much when people make comments like that.  That really gets in my crawl space. Every person does his or her own thing. Da vinci  never had kids. We still use his work in our everyday lives. Neener Neener.  So how do I say we remedy this? We (that means me too!) are very careful about what we say to our brother and sisters. Everyone is on a path that is specifically just for them. I feel very strongly that I am exactly doing God's will for my life. I'm not changing diapers, I have no ankle biters of my own. However, what I do have is 4 handsome nephews and 3 pretty nieces. Also, I have wonderful examples of what a mother should be. I'm blessed with more than I deserve. So one day when I am lower-lip deep in butt paste, I will remember not to be snide when I hear someone say "I'm tired!" I will be thankful for the blessings that butt paste brings to me! 

 I have also had a similar experience at church when a fellow church goer picked up my hand and asked why I'm not an ex McCormick yet. (Excuse me, you have bee divorced 3 times doll face) I was annoyed to say the least, the very least. Leave me alone!!!!!!!! It's not socially acceptable for me to say, "How much do 3 alimony checks run you each month , sugar?" So why not just ask how I am? Please and Thank You. 

I am sure someone else has been in the same boat right?! I dread the famous, "What are you up to these days?" Shoot me in the face now! When I say I'm finishing up college and living alone, they give me a sympathetic annoying-as-all-get-out pat on the head. I'm thinking you either are going to give me biscuit for being a good girl,or you heard that I am a leper living alone in a van by the river. 

So back the reason for this blog! You thought I forgot didn't you? I did as well! Ha! The point of this is to show how a 24 year old  can live alone, and love every minute of it. The hardest part is eating dinner by myself every night signing loudly and off key whenever the spirit moves me. HAHA. Back to a serious note though,eating dinner by myself is my hardest part about my day. I would like someone to talk to about my day. "Hey did you hear about the Secret Service being tight wads with working girls?" "Yes! Moral of the story, always pay the help." Just kidding. ;)  However, I am learning to embrace this season of my life. I am looking forward to the future, but also using this precious time. I'm learning not to waste on moment. So this blog will have everything on here from tips on how to coupon, be Amish in 4 inch heels, how not to shoot people that piss you off, and a plethora of other topics.

I encourage your thoughts, questions, comments, and words to live by. Thanks for indulging me. After all we are all in this together right? 


Lindsey Newlin said...

you would be a great mother... and deserve to be one! that's why i pray GOD will send you someone to eat dinner with every night and to share your life with! he will come! trust GOD's timing! love you!!!!

shaye higgins said...

Love you and your blog already! Well I already love you but you already knew that! I cant wait till you do the couponing one because you know I cant figure out how you go to CVS get 75 items for $2.50 and get $50.00 in extra bucks! Im excited for you and what this new blog adventure will do for you!

Taye Gerber said...

ha ha ha im with you shaye! how does she do it!.... so steph you are now required to thoroughly teach me your process before you text me about how you got twenty items at cvs for 3 cents! and you know what girly... i am in the same boat! i am proud of you for doing this, and i am so happy to be able to read and learn from your wisdom. you are a beautiful girl, with a beautiful heart for the lord. i am terrible at waiting on the lord too :) but i know one day with will all make sense, and all be totally worth it. the lord knows the desires of our heart and longs to give them to us! one day he will make you a beautiful bride and momma, but he has other plans for you right now. and that is ok, because he directs our paths and has a job for you to do first! i love you! and i am excited for your blog... and your coupon-ing tutorial :D !!!!!!

shaye higgins said...

Ha Taye! at least Im not the only one who doesnt get it and when I get those text messages Im like she makes me sick... I should be able to figure this out! excited for this blog!

Aaron and Jill said...

Steph, I'm SO EXCITED that you started a blog!!! I'm going to put it on the "blog reel" on our blog so I can always see when you do a new post. I can't wait to see you sometime this summer :) Love ya!